"If I want to see how beautiful the universe is, I look into the eyes of a child."

Dhirendra Sharma, founder and director of BTEF.

We do not teach children what they should be, what they have to be, or even what they can be.

We show them what they already are.


At BTEF we have been giving hope to the children of Bodhgaya for more than ten years.

Their reality is quite complicated. They live in disadvantaged communities, in rural villages near Bodhgaya, with very limited access to education due to their social status.

Do you want to see how we do it?

Bodhi Tree School

The soul and origin of the Foundation, where more than 800 boys and girls receive an education oriented to their integral development as people, regardless of their social status.

They are also provided with school supplies, uniform and a meal a day.

Their motivation for going to this school is that high, that even they are able to walk every day up to 3km to reach it.

Special School

Our aim is returning the smile to the kids with disabilities.

In this environment, many of them are condemned to invisibility and social rejection.

Thanks to this project , now they have a place where their capabilities are fully developed.

And now they are happy.

Garden of Smiles

The rural India society is very tough on women. Women have never had security and confidence in their worth.

This project born with the aim of fighting against these circumstances . We don’t only give a salary and sewing classes oriented to the sale of products but also we give them motivation, we listen to them and show them how strong they already are.

We want them to feel proud and capable, and thus bring them closer to their economic independence.


There are many ways to support BTEF.

Donating through our crowdfunding campaigns, being an sponsor, visiting us at events … Or, maybe, with your own knowledge on some subject!

But mainly, sharing our efforts and spreading the word to get as far as we can.

Do you want to know more?


And experience one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.



Special Children


Garden of Smiles



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