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For years, BTEF has had volunteers from all over the world. Among them, a large community of Spaniards. In 2019, four Spaniards friends decided to get together and give the NGO a boost.

We started from Spain but with the desire to expand it internationally. Everything, of course, in a 100% altruistic way.  The NGO needs it. We know that the field work there is awesome, and we see the passion of Dhirendra, Monika and the rest of the team which are involved with the children every day. And, of course, because we know the transparency and good faith of the NGO.

Would you be interested in helping us out or being part of the team?

You can help us in many ways from home, just ask us.


Other Countries

There are not only friends and volunteers from BTEF in Spain, our community expands in other countries, mainly Germany, Australia, USA and Malta.

We work together to coordinate the actions and make this a great example of a multicultural team.

We are progressing as we can because we dedicate our free time to boost the project e in a totally altruistic way, but we hope to get far.


We will answer you as soon as possible.

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