Could you help us overcoming
COVID-19 crisis?

We have launched acrowdfunding campaignto raise funds

As you know, this COVID-19 crisis is affecting worldwide. And if it seems hard to us in our countries, can you imagine the families of these villages? Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable during this crisis.

Due to lock down measures, all food distribution has been paralyzed. And people in these villages run out of basic supplies.

At BTEF we want to ensure their wellbeing, and therefore we are making food and medication deliveries.

Do you want to collaborate with us?

Click on this link and thank you very much in advance!

This is how we started providing
food in March 2020

Do you want to see it?

We can change BTEF children lives with everybody help!

We keep on building this NGO together on a daily basis .We are working on new donation channels. Simple, safe, reliable channels that allow us to create a regular donations support.

Our aim is creating a community of members with open contributions where everybody can participate independently on the economic conditions of each one.

We are working now on finding a monthly donation platform, stay tuned to our social media, or subscribe to our newsletter to know when the platform will be launched.

Meanwhile, we have other ways to collaborate with us , see below! 😉

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Other ways to get involved

Every small action can have a great impact if it is done from the soul and heart.

Thank you!

Firstly,the Volunteering

Do you want to livethe experience with BTEFin India?


We are always ready to welcome new volunteers. It is completely normal to have doubts or fears, everyone has been through that. But, the vlolunteers who go, repeat.

Visit our volunteer page and find out.

Maybe collaborating by buying books, school supplies, or basic sanitary supplies?

Visita ourAmazon Wish List

It's very simple, visit our Amazon Wish List! Choose the products you want, pay them, and they will be sent directly to the school, it's that easy!

You only need to have an Amazon account. Click on the link and you will land at the list we have created in the Amazon India account. Choose what you want, and once the payment is processed, it will arrive directly at the school. Be sure to choose the Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation as your destination, and not your home address! 😅

Attention! Because of the COVID-19 crisis, there are many items that are not available. If you don't find what you want to send, visit the list again in few months by the time it works everything again, or tell us directly and we will figure it out.


1€ help per month.

Until we have our monthly donation platform ready  you can collaborate through the platform Teaming.  For € 1 / month, you can contribute with your grain of sand.

We wish you could be able to donate more through this platform, because we know that many of you ask for it, but the platform limits it to € 1.

But, as we already said, we are working to improve that! 😊

Do you want to buy any of our products?

Bracelets, purses, bags ...

We want to make BTEF products easily available to you. But, for now, you have to ask us by email.

On the one hand, we sell cloth bracelets, which help us with financing but, above all, help us to spread the work of the school, and we are very proud to see how you wear them.

And of course we also sell the handcraft made by our Garden of Smiles girls such as  handbags and purses. At this moment the stock we have depends on what our volunteers bring us.

But ask us! We will be happy to answer you.

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